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Artificial intelligence algorithms

With modern AI methods you can determine in real time, the quality, the karat and the value of your gold.

About Gold.App

With modern AI methods you can determine in real time, the quality, the kara and the value of your gold.

Our market indicators, which predict, for example, customer decisions, help you to design and use your marketing in a targeted manner and thus avoid unnecessary costs by spreading your marketing campaigns.

With the and price calculator, you can determine the value of your gold items in a matter of seconds. Simply enter the weight and the fineness and the calculator will automatically calculate the sales value.

Receive the latest information on the latest silver or gold rates.

Gold price is presented in euros, US dollars and other international currencies of your choice.

The current prices of the most important precious metal prices in the form of charts shows the price development.


Dashboard Page

We can check live price of all metals here and also by selecting countries. We can check fluctuation of metals. We can calculate live price of metal from the top right corner of the button. Graph will show fluctuations of metal. Can check 24k metal price in the bottom of the page

Vault Page

For the first time you can set pin. After setting pin you can enter the vault by entering the pin. You can reset the pin using Forgot pin button.

Vault Page

You can set your metals in the given pop up on the top. You can save your metals weight what you have and check the live market value of it Clicking on sell button you can directly go to the buy and sell page to publish your metal on the page

Sell / Buy Page

You can publish your Metal on this page. You can also advertise your metal on the top on this page. Can see the list all metals and its details to which seller want to sell

Sell / Buy Page

Metal Detail Page

My Product Page

You can see all list of metals which are published by you. You can also mark as sold from this page and it is deleted from published list from Buy/ Sell page. You can also delete the metals from this list

Digital to go with Gold.App

What is Digital to go with GOLD.APP ?

Buying and selling gold is a big business.

We are one of the leading international comparison portals for gold tracking for buyers and sellers worldwide

For many small and medium-sized businesses and craft businesses this is usually a difficult and lengthy process.

That is why we offer you the opportunity to find experienced and reputable gold and precious metal dealers on our website. You can buy or sell gold easily and free of charge with a click of the mouse.

If you want to buy a specific coin or bar, just one click is enough!